jeudi 6 décembre 2007


This blog is dedicated to hacking of Tomy i-SOBOT humanoïd robot.

I received my first i-SOBOT yesterday and tried the various preprogrammed modes. It is really fun for the value, especially the special actions mode like dancing and doing exercises. Tomy and Takara engineers have done a great job and i-SOBOT is certainly a milestone in humanoïd robots history.
There is already many great videos of it on-line and it is not the aim of this blog to add more.

As a robotics enthousiast, I am much more interested in studying the hardware to use i-SOBOT as a low-cost humanoïd platform with advanced robotics controller like Mobisense Systems MBS270, especially to add sensors and computer vision.
I wanted to start this kind of project earlier but I could not afford alternate humanoïds like Robonova and Bioloïd series. I-SOBOT is a nice platform for such projects. Of course, there is Robosapien but another point for i-SOBOT is that it looks, to my point of vue, more friendly than other humanoïds.
Robosapien is really agressive and nothing except its name would make think about wisdom (sapien in latin).

As a first step, I will try to present a hardware overview of i-SOBOT. The next step will be servos protocol hacking. This has been done already in Japan and I will add the link when I find it.

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